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Custom School edition : A Ball, a Book and the Butterflies


This listing is for the customisation of your book.

We are able to offer you the unique opportunity of purchasing a custom edition of A Ball, a Book and the Butterflies specifically tailored to your school.

Anna and Sally will work with you to alter the text within the book to either your location or to your school specifically. They will also produce a unique double page image drawn with your choice of cultural experience/celebration in mind. Here we have some included some examples of our Danish and Thai versions.

Within the school package we offer a minimum delivery of 100 paperback books. It is possible to order more if you need. This will be an additional fee, to be arranged.

Each book is 15.6cm x 15.6 cm and printed in colour.

For custom versions the book is printed without an ISBN unless you wish to include one.

For more information and to create the perfect custom package for your needs, contact us at


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