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A Ball, a Book and the Butterflies- small PAPERBACK edition.


A Story about International Transition.

For many children, the first year of an international move is filled with new experiences and feelings. Sometimes they can be difficult to explain. This edition is location neutral and features celebrations from around the world so that you may easily tailor your conversation to where ever you may be needing.

Follow one child’s journey. Use their story, questions and ideas to open conversations with your child.

Create a record of your child’s unique experience by writing their thoughts in this book.

A ball, a Book and the Butterflies has been specifically developed for children, their parents and educators by Anna Barratt and Sally McWilliam.

"This is a great little book that targets each stage of the process- arriving, staying and moving on. It is a valuable resource that will normalise the feelings and support all children through their International transitions."

V Hughes, International School Counsellor.

"A Ball, a Book and a Butterfly" is a great new tool for parents or educators to use with their children during times of global transition! The story explores how one child felt during his international move, and is accompanied by reflective pages to help adults in their discussions with children about what they are feeling (or have felt) when making similar moves. Such discussions are key so children can process the inevitable losses that come with transition so in time they can also be free to use the many gifts such a childhood also brings. Good job, Anna and Sally!"
Ruth E. VanReken, co-author Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds and co-founder Families in Global Transition

This special edition is paperback and contains 36 pages. The 15.6x15.6 cm format is ideal for small hands and the lightweight nature of the paperback means it can easily travel with you.

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