Threadbare Chair
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About us

Threadbare Chair and The Ball, the Book and the Butterflies, came to life after a conversation between Anna and Sally in the school playground.

Back from the summer break their children were once again regrouping and trying to find their new normal amidst the comings and goings of the annual summer Expat migration.

International School children are used to this cycle of change, it becomes the norm but it can still be a difficult transition for them. They may have to deal with the loss of a best friend during the summer holiday, possibly even more than one. Then return to school hoping to make new friends all over again.

There will be new children for whom English is not their native language, children that have left behind all that is familiar to start a new life in a new country with a new language. They too wish for friendship.

Anna and Sally simply wished to make a book that would hopefully in some way open a conversation for those children and their carers about these transitions. They both wished for this story for their own children.

By introducing three children at an International School, one arriving, one leaving and one who will simply stay put. The book follows a school year and gives opportunity for interaction and discussion along the way.

We hope your children appreciate our story as much as our own have.